Netbackup. AdvancedDisk. CIFS Share. STS error.

I was wanting to set up an Advanced Disk Pool in Netbackup for duplication to our long term storage.

I went through the steps and created a new Disk Storage Server through ‘Configure Disk Storage Servers’ Wizard and configure my media server as the Disk Storage Server.


Next, I go through the Disk Pool Wizard. Type Advanced Disk, Server as my Media Server, then I go to add Volume.

Each time, I’d get this error. “RDSM has encountered an STS error: failed to update storage server configuration due to unsupported platform, invalid configuration or system error”


Why was this happening? According to the user guides, a CIFS share is supported for Advanced Disk.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, eventually the problem was identified. The volume needs to be the root of the CIFS share.

Don’t add a path to a subfolder! I was adding the UNC path to a subfolder on the share.

Hopefully this saves somebody out there a headache.


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