Exchange 2013 – Split-PublicFolderMailbox.ps1 Fails

You may or may not have SCOM in your environment and you get this alert.

PublicFolders health set unhealthy (PublicFolderMailboxQuotaMonitor/PublicFolders) – Public folder mailbox <mailbox> is approaching storage limit – The public folder mailbox <mailbox> is approaching its storage limit. Consider splitting the mailbox using Split-PublicFolderMailbox.ps1. This warning will not be sent again for at least twenty four hours.

You try Split-PublicFolderMailbox.ps1 only for it to fail.

Do this instead

Get the Public Folders in said mailbox, sort by itemcount or size.

Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | ?{$_.contentmailboxname -like “*mymailbox*”} | Get-PublicFolderStatistics | sort itemcount | select name, folderpath, itemcount, totalitemsize

Identify your folders and run

New-PublicFolderMoveRequest -Folders “\MyPath\ToFolder”, “MyPath\ToAnotherFolder” -TargetMailbox myPFMailbox



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