Direct Access 2012 R2 – Configuration settings stored in GPOs cannot be backed up – Domain Removed

Scenario: You’ve decommissioned a domain from your Forest. You’ve found the need to change some settings in your Direct Access configuration.

You get the error “Direct Access Configuration settings stored in GPOs cannot be backed up”, you try to remove the Configuration to redo it all, you get told “PDC for cannot be contacted”.

Do Note: If you are going to try the solution, ensure you make backups of your registry keys and other entries first.

Solution: Under key, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RaMgmtSvc\Config] you will find a entry called “ServerGPO”, with a domain name and GUID. This may be a valid domain and in my case, it was. Note the GUID and search for it in Group Policy Editor. You will find your group policy configuration.

In my case, this still had Group Policy settings pointing to my old domain. Unfortunately, templates for these group policy settings don’t appear to exist yet.

I duplicated the policy and using a registry.pol editor, I was able to edit the keys out, saving the file as registry.pol.

I haven’t found any free editors, however you can use TorchSofts trial at This can also be done via powershell and vbscript, use google and you will find some who have put it together for you. Unfortunately, trying this in wordpad or notepad corrupts the file. 🙂

After creating my new registry.pol file, I went to \\\sysvol\\policies\myguid\machine, replaced the file, opened registry editor and under key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RaMgmtSvc\Config] and edited ServerGPO to my new Group Policy object \\\guid

Of course, this would be much easier with valid adm template where you can edit the Group Policy Object.


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