Lync 2013. Domain Migration. Users can’t log. Ms-Diagnostics-Fault ErrorId: 28000, Reason: User is not SIP enabled.

Scenario: You’ve moved users to another domain in the same Forest. Users now tell you they can’t sign into Lync via mobile or the internet.

– You’ve checked replication through Toplogy in the Lync console. The Edge Replication is ok.
– You’ve disabled and renabled the Lync account
– You’ve run update-csuserdatabase
– Test-CSRegistration is successful.

Lync Connectivity Analyser for mobile ( gives you errors like below

Reason: Internal server error (HTTP status code 500)
Ms-Diagnostics-Fault ErrorId: 28000, Reason: User is not SIP enabled.


Check your CSUserReplicatorConfiguration settings. I found my domain users were being migrated to was missing

PS > Get-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration

Identity                  : Global
ADDomainNamingContextList : {dc=mycomain,dc=co,dc=region,}
ReplicationCycleInterval  : 00:01:00

Run the following

PS > Set-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration -Identity global -ADDomainNamingContextList @{Add=”dc=mynewdomain,dc=co,dc=region”}

You can also run the command below to allow for all domains in your Forest, however I wasn’t prepared to allow connections if people were accidentally (or another reason) added into the root domain.

Set-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration -Identity global -ADDomainNamingContextList $Null

More information:


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