HP iLo – Unknown detail. i.e. IP, Username and Password

If your environment is anything like mine, some things pop up now and again that has either been neglected or thrown at you last minute.

Quite often, I find we have a physical server where the iLo has been forgotten about. Here is a little piece of info which has helped me on occasion.

We are going to use hponcfg.exe. In Command Prompt, navigate to the folder with this .exe. In my case, this was C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg>

How to find the current configuration

Export the configuration.
C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg> hponcfg.exe /w export.xml

Open your XML.

You should find these values. This will be your IP

You may even find a section with your username and password
<ADD_USER USER_NAME=”Name USER_LOGIN=”loginname PASSWORD=”apassword>
  <ADMIN_PRIV value=”Y />
  <REMOTE_CONS_PRIV value=”Y />
  <RESET_SERVER_PRIV value=”Y />
  <CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value=”Y />
Not present or incorrect?
Never mind, edit the XML file with what you want the IP or other user to be.
User gets added in this section
  <ADMIN_PRIV value=”Y />
  <REMOTE_CONS_PRIV value=”Y />
  <RESET_SERVER_PRIV value=”Y />
  <CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value=”Y />
Save the XML.Run
C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg>hponcfg.exe /f export.xml
You will then get a warning tell you the iLo is resetting.
<INFORM>Integrated Lights-Out will reset at the end of the script.</INFORM>
Script succeeded
Wait for the reset and login.

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