Exchange 2013. Migration Batches using CSV File.

I tasked myself with creating multiple Migration Batches for a planned Exchange 2013 migration. Entering each user manually through the Web Gui would be a nightmare.

I planned to create these batches based on CSV files.

1) Populate the CSV File.

I populated the files with these attributes



How you populate these files are up to you. I simply exported all MailboxStatistics, sorted by size, collected email addresses and evenly assigned new databases in a separate and then exported Batch CSV’s from the master sheet.

Note: The minimum property requirements are email address only, as you can specify other settings i.e. target database in the batch.

However, by using the TargetDatabase attribute, I can move users in a batch to different databases.

More information:

2) Create the Batch

New-MigrationBatch -Local -Name YourName -CSVData ([System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes(“patchToYourCSVFile.csv”))

Note: As we are not specifying -Autostart or -Autocomplete, it means this won’t start automatically and when started, it won’t complete automatically.

This allows us to stage the moves by using Start-MigrationBatch and Complete-MigrationBatch like you would a MoveRequest.

More information:


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